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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Ultra Reports?

Information coming soon.

What type of server environment does Ultra Reports require?

Currently any Apache Server, PHP 7 and above  and any MySQL Server  8 and above

Does Ultra Reports supports Charts ?

Yes UltraReports supports Charts and Graphs.

How do I create a Report?

Information Coming soon

What Databases are supported?

Currently MySql Databases are supported.

What's the difference between Ultra Reports Standard and Ultra Reports Premium?

The Premum Ultra Reports Edition comes with Premium support, which entitles the user to Live Chat,Phone,Email support and a shorter wait time as their queires will have a higher priority.

The Premium version also comes with the Dynamic GUI SQL Builder which makes report generation so quick and easy , even a small child could do it.

How do I view the already created Reports?

To view reports simply navigate to the Reports page in Ultra Reports or view your reports on the Dashboad.

How do I create a Dashboard view ?

When creating a report in Ultra Reports at the point of saving the report just select ” Allow live view of this query” and the report will be visible on the dashboard

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