UltraReports the Future of Reporting

UltraReports is an intuitive and flexible  Reporting Framework  faster and easier data report delivery


The Premium Report Generator

Dynamic Report Generation

Unparalleled on the fly Ad-hoc report generation in seconds. 

Charts & Graphs

Great aesthetically pleasing infographics to help your organization better assimilate the information.

Dynamic SQL Builder

Ultra Reports  uses a dynamic SQL Builder that allows anyone to create the most complex queries in seconds.

User Access Levels

Ultra Reports user  access levels and Departmental separation of reports.


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What You Get

GUI Report Creation Interface

SQL Query Customization


Premium Support

View Live Data

User Roles

Robust Documentation


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Ultra Reports is the best reporting software I’ve  ever used, its really easy to use and it gives me exactly what I want ,when I want it.

“I Tripled the speed of my report generation!”

This report Builder just allows me to see exactly what data I need to see and create the reports and views I think my end users will require in the most efficient way, I love it!

“This is my one-stop-reporting tool”

UltraReports is simply the best reporting tool on the market, I really haven’t seen anything as robust or as flexible ever. 


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